Sunday, 22 April 2012

The end of the project: a final message from Antlers

Thank you everyone for reading Pom's adventures over the last few months or so. Unfortunately, he has gone missing in the post and efforts to trace him are unlikely to be successful. It is no one's fault and these things happen. However, I have therefore made the decision to suspend this project indefinitely. Amongst other issues, real life has also become busier recently and I no longer have the time to run this blog that I once did.

My sincerest apologies to those who volunteered to host Pom, and will now not have the oppurtunity - I promise any data you sent me is still safe, and has just been deleted. This will remain my biggest regret - that and Pom never actually getting to go to Greggs, or buy naice ham and even visit the IofW. I hope wherver he ends up he is loved and looked after. I thorougly enjoyed co-ordinating this and I still can't believe my idea took on the life it did. Once again, thank you to the people who did the work and actually brought this to life - everyone who has hosted, cheered and supported Pom on his various adventures.

All the best,

AntlersInAllofMyDecorating (I used to be FermittheKrog - and I am now under a new MNname) 

(There is the possibility of one final entry from his last hostess - I will leave that up to her. As I've said, it's no one's fault he went missing, and each and every hostess did a fantastic job.)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hi all from MNHQ,

Where we are [blush] ing and apologising profusely for being --really crap-- a bit rubbish.

Pom arrived at MNHQ in November, beautifully packaged and rather like a demanding toddler.

Pom insisted that he was fine after his travels and so DarrenMumsnet agreed to share his birthday whiskey and cake.

Pom didn't want any cake.

Fuelled with whisky and high from the dizzy heights of MumsnetTowers Pom hopped on the tube..

And was found sometime later in a Soho bar..

He was taken home by HelenMumsnet who put him in bed and locked the drinks cabinet.

The following morning, a spritely Pom appeared at The Towers for his breakfast.

As a way of apologising for his poor behaviour, he brought a friend:

Needless to say, all was forgiven and as a very special treat we took Pom to Winter Wonderland in Hyde park.

His natural grace on the ice was the envy of all..

..even Mary Portas couldn't resist a cuddle.

There was a minor panic when Pom disappeared at the end of the night but it turns out he got lucky.

After a busy night Pom came into The Towers hungry, all of the granola had been eaten so he tucked into a Krispy Kreme..

..which proved to be a bit much for Pom and he decided to have a nap on RebeccaMumsnet's desk.

We soon had to give him a nudge as he need to smarten up for a visit from Ed, who took a shine to our Pom, Pom on the other hand was somewhat nonplussed.

After a full week --6weeks-- of drinking, we thought that Pom may like a night off and a lie in, but Pom had other ideas.

We heard that he went home with a Mumsnetter, but true to form he hitched a lift back to The Towers the following morning...

..where he recovered until his long onward journey...

Night Pom, please do visit us again. We have replenished our biscuit stock and will have a bottle chilled in the fridge ready for you.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Pombear: The Mumsnet visit

Last year Pom went and stayed at his spiritual home MN Towers. A few details filtered through about his exploits at the Christmas Party, and some of his new celebrity friends - but this is all I have to represent the visit:

My sincere apologies I am unable to give you anymore than this. It was an entry I was very excited about and genuinely looked forward to reading, but that's it - you'll have to use your imagination. Anyway, meanwhile, Pom is with a new hostess who has given him a rather exciting international adventure. I look forward to reading all about his latest news - please don't give up on Pom.

Antlers x

Monday, 23 January 2012

Pom Bear: Update.... (but not the one we're waiting for!)

Hello one and all,

My sources have now missiged me and apparently Pom had not (classic subterfuge) left the UK at the specified time. After contact with his (hopefully) next host, she has apparently heard from MN that he has been posted and should be arriving soon! Let's hope so! I suspect he will need a long drink after all this.

So now, all we are awaiting is the arrival of the bear ... and his next blog update! It's been far too long, and we can't wait to hear about all his new celebrity friends!*

*politicians probably excepted.

Antlers x (formerly Fermit)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pom - MIA

If you are a follower of Pom Bear, then it is with a heavy heart I have sad news to announce.

His last known whereabouts was MN Towers itself. However, a blog entry from them never materialised. And, alas, he is now much missed, and presumed, MIA, en route somewhere between here and Switzerland.

He was a brave bear, a noble bear, a bear with a slight drink problem, and we will never forget him him unless he comes back

#raises glass#

I would now like to canvas your thoughts do we:

a) harass Mumsnet to post the blog so we can see him one last time (they had him in November!)
b) The Bear is Dead, Long Live the Bear -- commission a new bear to undertake the rounds of MNetters
c) No! forget and bury the whole thing with some drink

I will proceed only with your feedback.

PB Co-ordinator