Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hi all from MNHQ,

Where we are [blush] ing and apologising profusely for being --really crap-- a bit rubbish.

Pom arrived at MNHQ in November, beautifully packaged and rather like a demanding toddler.

Pom insisted that he was fine after his travels and so DarrenMumsnet agreed to share his birthday whiskey and cake.

Pom didn't want any cake.

Fuelled with whisky and high from the dizzy heights of MumsnetTowers Pom hopped on the tube..

And was found sometime later in a Soho bar..

He was taken home by HelenMumsnet who put him in bed and locked the drinks cabinet.

The following morning, a spritely Pom appeared at The Towers for his breakfast.

As a way of apologising for his poor behaviour, he brought a friend:

Needless to say, all was forgiven and as a very special treat we took Pom to Winter Wonderland in Hyde park.

His natural grace on the ice was the envy of all..

..even Mary Portas couldn't resist a cuddle.

There was a minor panic when Pom disappeared at the end of the night but it turns out he got lucky.

After a busy night Pom came into The Towers hungry, all of the granola had been eaten so he tucked into a Krispy Kreme..

..which proved to be a bit much for Pom and he decided to have a nap on RebeccaMumsnet's desk.

We soon had to give him a nudge as he need to smarten up for a visit from Ed, who took a shine to our Pom, Pom on the other hand was somewhat nonplussed.

After a full week --6weeks-- of drinking, we thought that Pom may like a night off and a lie in, but Pom had other ideas.

We heard that he went home with a Mumsnetter, but true to form he hitched a lift back to The Towers the following morning...

..where he recovered until his long onward journey...

Night Pom, please do visit us again. We have replenished our biscuit stock and will have a bottle chilled in the fridge ready for you.


  1. Pom! What larks, excellent work MNTowers :)

  2. Hilarious photos! Glad you're back Pom - I see you've been living the high life!

  3. That's more like it! Good to see Pom again :-)