Monday, 23 January 2012

Pom Bear: Update.... (but not the one we're waiting for!)

Hello one and all,

My sources have now missiged me and apparently Pom had not (classic subterfuge) left the UK at the specified time. After contact with his (hopefully) next host, she has apparently heard from MN that he has been posted and should be arriving soon! Let's hope so! I suspect he will need a long drink after all this.

So now, all we are awaiting is the arrival of the bear ... and his next blog update! It's been far too long, and we can't wait to hear about all his new celebrity friends!*

*politicians probably excepted.

Antlers x (formerly Fermit)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pom - MIA

If you are a follower of Pom Bear, then it is with a heavy heart I have sad news to announce.

His last known whereabouts was MN Towers itself. However, a blog entry from them never materialised. And, alas, he is now much missed, and presumed, MIA, en route somewhere between here and Switzerland.

He was a brave bear, a noble bear, a bear with a slight drink problem, and we will never forget him him unless he comes back

#raises glass#

I would now like to canvas your thoughts do we:

a) harass Mumsnet to post the blog so we can see him one last time (they had him in November!)
b) The Bear is Dead, Long Live the Bear -- commission a new bear to undertake the rounds of MNetters
c) No! forget and bury the whole thing with some drink

I will proceed only with your feedback.

PB Co-ordinator