Monday, 23 January 2012

Pom Bear: Update.... (but not the one we're waiting for!)

Hello one and all,

My sources have now missiged me and apparently Pom had not (classic subterfuge) left the UK at the specified time. After contact with his (hopefully) next host, she has apparently heard from MN that he has been posted and should be arriving soon! Let's hope so! I suspect he will need a long drink after all this.

So now, all we are awaiting is the arrival of the bear ... and his next blog update! It's been far too long, and we can't wait to hear about all his new celebrity friends!*

*politicians probably excepted.

Antlers x (formerly Fermit)


  1. Il est arrivé!

    Clutching a bottle of Midori Melon and three packets of PomBear snacks, to the bemusement of the Swiss border guards who have had a peek inside the parcel, PomBearMN arrived safely in Geneva.

    Next week will see a return to the old country, the birthplace of PomBär - Germany.

    1. Hooray!! At last, happy 4 month bday Pom. Sounds like you will celebrate in style.


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