Sunday, 2 October 2011

Pom Post the First (cont): Bristol and beyond (belief)

Today did not start well! I spent a long night on the cold, hard concrete floor after falling from the balcony after last night's revels. Ms Krog had to rescue me using a stepladder from next door. I almost wished I was back squashed at the Charity Shop but no, I have been chosen for this greater purpose.

What that greater purpose was for today would be was soon to become apparent. I spent the afternoon lazing in the sun with Fermit and her friends by Clifton Suspension Bridge picnicing on blueberries, pistachio nuts and Tuc Biscuits. (Honey anyone??) Then she announced we had to go see her horse. Somewhat surprised, but keen to be a bear of physical pursuits as well as of the mind, off I went. Yesterday I learnt all about helpful literature and "promoting growth in the local econony through independent consumer choice" (or mooching through the shops as Ms Krog calls it) To mooch is a dynamic verb, so there!

Artistic impression of me in front of the Suspension Bridge as the original has been lost to history

My first meeting with Nadir - apparently it is custom to Sniif First, Attempt to Eat Later. This is a very important lesson when handling livestock.

I was quick to observe there was a noticeable size difference. I measured him and he is 16. 2  hh (human hands high). In Bear Paws High, he would be about 41 BPH.

He had better not mistake my lustrous fur for the hay. 
The size difference in the so-called safety equipment was also inescapable to my observation.

Eventually I threw health and safety out the window and mounted, ready to spur on my noble steed...
Still no.

A process known as "grooming" - educated bear am I. This is a dandy brush. (His fur is not as lustrous)

Friends forever - carrot offered at end of the evening. Learniing about a horse's dietary requirements (i.e. *not* bears) was an important part of my day.

Nothing to see here. 

Lovely sunset at the end of a hot October day. (!)
 So that's it - my last outing with Fermit out and about in Bristol. I enjoyed meeting Nadir almost as much as I enjoyed the Tuc biscuits - and all that learning, obviously I will shortly be off to pastures new - once the hay has been brushed from my fur.

Pom x

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  1. I love the picture of pom under the riding hat, looks like he survived though! Can't wait to read the rest of the blog