Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pom Post the First: Origins

I started today squashed with indignity in a box of donated toys  - facedown between a Disneyfied Eeyore and a Beanie Baby who smelt of endless traffic jams on the M4 and jam sandwhiches. I had been in the Charity Shop a while, before a hand appeared and pulled me upright. Aha! I thought, I have undoubtedly been chosen by some mum seeking a welcome diversion for her beloved cherub.

But no, it seems I am destined for some other purpose. My new keeper is Ms Krog, a secondary school teacher of a somewhat whimsical disposition, who because children at her school would show no interest in the "class bear" idea - came up with this instead.

The setting for my first adventure was a simple yet sophisticated affair that consisted of an afternoon perusing the shops on Gloucester Road, Bristol, one of the charity shops of which I was plucked from mere hours ago. Ms Krog has a fondness for charity shop shopping, as have I, so I'll show you some Points of Interest I came across:

 Here I am showing my literary taste *and* love of revising some handy household tips...

...knowing how to deal with teenagers is always useful - Ms Krog was particulary amused by the section of giving them their own plot in the garden to grow things in. I would be too busy worrying about being buried alive.

I heard there had been a recent dearth of tomato growing - perhaps they need to be by prescription.

I then headed to the local Scoopaway for my healthy organic snacks - for bears with lustrous fur.
Ms Krog introduces me to my new sparkly blog - none of my friends ever had their own blog! I feel speziale now - it even has a ticker!

To celebrate me and my new friends finished the evening on the balcony with a little civilised glass of something.

 It was really, really nice wine. The glass came with its own accessories. I borrowed them.

I did not plan this. Help?

And so that's it, my first day of my new life. I wanted to show you my background and all the fulfilling and civilised things I did during a brief afternoon in Bristol. Ms Krog thought I showed a lot of promise and I think that's enough for one day.

I look forward to my next adventure.*

* hopefully one that does not involve falling off a balcony.

Submitter: FermittheKrog

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  1. Hello Pom

    Mrs Krog is right - you show a lot of promise, and I look forward to reading all about your adventures in the days and weeks to come.

    You might want to be a tad careful about your alchohol intake - as you have already seen, overindulgence can land you in hazardous situations. I believe that many of your hostesses for the weeks to come are partial not only to a spot of wine, but also to chocolate, biscuits and Nice Ham - so they will have plenty of ways to indulge you during your travels.

    Have fun

    A Well wisher!