Tuesday, 8 November 2011

In which Pom visits Malvern and gets damp

Having slept off my Scottish hangover and survived my time in Scottish porridge, I was bundled up for my trip to the big city. Unfortunatley I arrived in Malvern, where the bright lights are stars and the fast cars are Morgans, and they are a funny shape.
In fact, we were not even in the bustling metropolis of Malvern (average age 107, all of them bonkers), but even further into the depths of the country.

This is what they do for fun around here

Apparently, these are called hops. I would rather have had a bag of Skips myself. These tasted dusty and had no salt or artificial flavouring on them. Not what a snack-themed bear is used to at all.

After that I needed a drink, as I often find I do, so I went into the kitchen, only to discover a sort of chemical factory.

Apparently, this is called Skittles Vodka. Presumably, because it knocks you over like skittles. At this point, my host sort of disappeared and I could hear gales of laughter from the dining room. I think she forgot about me...so I helped myself. Bottoms Up!

The next day, to settle my stomach, we went to get some fresh air on the Malvern Hills. We stopped to admire the scenery, appernetly it is even more beautiful without the fog or the dog MacIntosh.


The water in Malvern is like wot the Queen drinks (GodBlessHer), so MumsNet royalty like me definitely needed a snoutful from St Anne's Well

I also suspect that the Queen (GodBlessHer) doesn't fall in and have to be wrapped in a towel. 

Then back to my host's house and a visit to her studio. No FlyLady round here, it seems. Perhaps 'studio' is a posh word for 'throw things through the door and shut it quick'

Here am I making a little travelling blanket....

....and playing in the Pom-sized ball-pool. Do I look like Whoopie Goldberg?

And finally I am packed into my new travelling case for my next adventure.

First Class; Port Out Starboard Home.

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  1. Awesome hosting! I am in awe of Pom's new travelling arrangement - in style or what?!